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Wir beraten dich gerne vor Ort und finden gemeinsam einen Termin für dein individuelles Tattoo

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Lacky's Tattoo Shop Lacky's Tattoo Shop

Our Services Lacky's Tattoo Shop in Grenchen


Most important client-interests:

  • 18 years of experince
  • Hygienically method of working
  • Competent informations
  • Designs of your imaginations
  • Specialized for retouches / covers
  • No long times to wait

I do all, from the simples tribals until to the exacting portraits. I design allbody compositions or also one motive, on your own wishes and desires.

» See examples in the photogallery

Cosmetic Tattoos

In my studio you can tattoo your eyebrow, lipcontour, eye-shadow, eye-lines. But notice, this way of tattoo is not a permanent make-up. Before you let make such a tattoo, you have to be absolutly sure about it, you have to know exactly how the lines, the forms and the coulour have to look like.

Also within the range of possibility is to conceat pigmental mole and scar-skin. These can match on a normal brown skin. But take notice, the conceal point can coming visible it depense the intensity of browness. It means, if your skin becomes brown after sunbath, the conceal point looks more light, the opposite happen after too long abstinence of sun, the point looks more dark.

In this case it’s recommandable to keep a constant brown colour during the year.


Most important customer-interests:

  • Absolut without pain
  • Relaxing effect for body and spirit
  • After about 6 weeks it’s fade away
  • Different colours

This service will be doing by a special trained person!

Hennapainting is an old oriental-tradition

With this method the motiv is painted on the skin with a paste which is gain from Henna. The paste has to be react, through which the skin becxome discoloured. After that the paste has be washed and the finished painting come to light. The advantage of this method is a relativ short time of durability. Motives painted this way pal after some time, after 2 weeks it’s away. With this application guarantee is 100%, in contrast to the bio-tattoos. Because of so calld bio-tattos always a rest od colour remain in the skin, which never disapear completely.

A competent customer-service is our matter of course. We also consider your speciales desires of motives, we make a design by your idea. When after some time you like the design so much, that you will wear it for ever on your body, we tattoo it later in accordanc with the present design.

» See examples in the photogallery


Most important customer-interests:

  • You’ll be pierced by a medical qualified personnel
  • The piercing is doing under local anaesthesia
  • Absolute steril working method
  • Medical know-how
  • Medical look after
  • Handing over of painkiller and antiseptic; for treatmend after piercing