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Wir beraten dich gerne vor Ort und finden gemeinsam einen Termin für dein individuelles Tattoo

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Lacky's Tattoo Shop Lacky's Tattoo Shop

Information and Tipps Lacky's Tattoo Shop in Grenchen


Take attention to the following things when you would like to go for a tatto:

  • Ask in shops nearby how long the studio exist.
  • Informe yourself how long time the studio is existing.
  • Check the shop of clearness.
  • Have a look of a work it is just finished, don’t depend on any fotos. Check the foto with the tattoo. Often you will be showned fotos of tattos its never made by that person.
  • About the sterility inquirie yourself which way and with what it’s doing. Ask for showing you the utensils, make sure yourself of it’s using and it’s not only for decoration.
  • After each client the following things have to changed: needles, Nadelführung, pots of colours and the gloves?
  • Will be cleaned and desinfectd the workshop place after each client?
  • And last but not least check different studios, so you can compare before you deffinitly go for a tattoo. Guess, a tattoo wrecked is not easy to retouch, to cover or to remove.

If you’re takeing priority of this list and all studios you’s go to have a look, at least you know by whom you go for a tatto.


Unfortunatly in our time there are too many tattoo-studios where people are working not serious and unclean. No talking about tottoos disastrous. It’s also a mistake of the client, because of no informing yourself. Such tattooartist interests not if his works are good or not, if you find its good or not. In countrary to this, they know, that their work is not good they ask for prices too high, because they think for sure, that you’re not coming for a second time. But if you have to go back because of a reclamation about his work, he’s have the cheek to ask you for another fee for reparation. And when he’s not able to repair his work with which you were not satisfied, he’s try the standard-excuse "because of your skin it’s not possible".

I can promise you, a tattooartist with experience is able to make a tattoo on a healthy skin. This is never a reason why a tatto is not became good. It’s one and only the tattooartist.